Using all the flavors

If I were to pick the most commonly asked question that a chef gets, it would be what is their style of cooking. The way I like to answer that question is, I like to cook in the moment; I like creating a dish that inspires me in that moment. Although, there are a few things I like to stick to when creating a dish. I always like to have fresh  ingredients and to practice being resourceful by trying to use all of my product. I try to make sure I do proper portion sizes which allows the diner to enjoy all the experiences of the dish.  One of the biggest lessons I learned while in school and working in the culinary world was not to be wasteful. You can do this by being creative with the parts of the product you might originally think are waste or excess.

In Jacos kitchen we like to use all of the product for many of your delicious dishes.  Here are a few examples:
asparagus ends = asparagus soup
tomato ends = tomato basil sauce
roasted chicken bones = chicken stock
bread ends = parmesan croutons
mushroom stems = mushroom soup

So before you throw something away check to see if there is some way you can use that product and create a flavorful dish.  If you have a questions or wants some ideas respond to this blog and I will be  happy to give some ideas on how to be resourceful.

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